glue gun masterpieces

bad boy

meet mr. bad boy.  the kids made him after listening to a scary book on tape (or on mp3 player technology).  they totally freaked themselves out and couldn’t sleep if he was in the house.

bad boy

i happen to think he is terribly cute.  and amazing.  i love his legs.

bad boy

bad boy

old bocce ball left in the backyard, sticks, fabric scraps, a bit of paint and a lot of hot glue=mr. bad boy.

— — — — — —


eliza came home from her first day of kindergarten and asked for a duck.  a toy duck.  a soft toy duck.  i think i would have tried to catch the moon for her that day.  so, of course i could make her a duck.  but our sewing machine is broken, so hot glue would have to do.


a duck with a colombian bead eye  warranted the duck’s name  jenny. : )


for the record:  this duck was not. quite. right.  and spends her days in the bottom of the animal basket.

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