day on the farm highlights

day on the farm - 15

we went to the annual day on the farm event and left with some good memories.

day on the farm - 13

the top five highlights:

5. the grandpa who always sits in the shade giving running commentary on his microphone.

day on the farm - 01

4.  the chicks.

day on the farm - 09

day on the farm - 08

3.  the horsedrawn buggies and carts.

day on the farm - 12

day on the farm - 11

day on the farm - 10

2.  making ropes.

but by far the biggest highlight was mabel falling into cow poop.

day on the farm - 03

ah, yes, all the kids on the couch with me and we’re giggling again.  more than we were here:

day on the farm - 14

time. to. go. home.

One thought on “day on the farm highlights

  1. Oh man! This looks absolutely dreamy. I can feel it, smell it, hear it.. So beautiful. The final picture reminds me of the “yawning” final verse of “Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow” song… Way to go!!!



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