county fair - 27county fair - 07

i’m remembering these days that were long with free time.  there were calls of boredom and complaints of heat.  bedtime lacked routine and all five of us were often in one room.  it was summer.  we spent more than one day at the county fair.  the kids have plans for being involved in the fair next year.

county fair - 05

of course the fair was more fun when we were with a baby who kept trying to crawl into the pens.

county fair - 06county fair - 01

this was the first time i got to observe the actual judging.  very fascinating.  and this was the moment micah verbalized that all those times he bought himself trophies at the thrift shop they “didn’t count.”  sweet child.

county fair - 02

county fair - 04

county fair - 12

with days of sibling rivalry and mounting irritation, this evening was a gift.  the kind of gift that drops to your gut and swirls all the way up to your heart.

county fair - 11

we met up with papa for the traditional ferris wheel ride.  it was eliza’s first.

county fair - 08

county fair - 09county fair - 13

i admit i’m glad to see them land on ground safely.

county fair - 14

we didn’t have much money along so they divided and conquered their 3 rides a piece.

county fair - 26county fair - 25county fair - 23county fair - 20county fair - 21

the tilt a whirl bonded my children.  all three of them tucked in. i cherish this memory.  they do too.

county fair - 15

county fair - 17

county fair - 18

county fair - 19

this is why we take photos…to relive the memories when they seem light years ago.

5 thoughts on “fair

  1. Oh sweet memories, want to be on my judging “team” next year? i have just the spot for you.
    ps, could I have some of those pics of the judging, I was so busy keeping everything going, i didn’t get a chance to break out the camera.


  2. as usual, wonderful pictures, kristin. what a happy time, and it seems a good life stage when all the kids are old enough to have some (if rare) bonding moments.

    that picture of ne is stunning!!!!


  3. All these shots are absolutely gorgeous, but the one of Eliza in the merry-go-round swing has got to be the winner. Love the stop-action on her while everything else is swirling around her. You nailed it! How we would have loved to be there with you.

    Love ya, Dad


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