summer’s end

summer by naomi - 18

if i feel carefully enough, i can feel the end of summer.  the change is coming.  daddy is already at school.  school supplies are waiting.  nervous tummies are admitted.  laments over why summer can’t be as long as the school year give me pause.  every year i wonder about choices.  and every year i know we have options.

naomi is proving herself to have quite an eye with the camera.  it is a treat to find amazing images on the camera.  this collection taken a couple of days ago reminds me of this summer’s end.  there is alive and dead, color and dull, fresh and brittle.

summer by naomi - 20

summer by naomi - 21

summer by naomi - 17

summer by naomi - 19

as it is every year, the luxury of a family summer is over and we’ll make new our rhythm.

7 thoughts on “summer’s end

  1. wow! those are great pictures! Naomi took all of those? Wow! Talented.
    I like especially the flowers pictures.
    Hey, may I save the picture of the log? I want to show it to my students when i am teaching about trees. thanks.


  2. Ok, seriously… please have your 6th grader? 7th grader? tell me what camera settings she used to get those awesome flower pictures. The blurry background, but the flower so crisp and sharp. Teach me, Naomi!!


  3. is naomi selling those as note cards yet? if so, i’ll take two sets, please. oh, and i want them autographed so i have a momento when she hits the big time and we are all invited to her gallery opening….keep it up, 4H photography project?


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