oh my, this was a thrill.  we were invited to the mountains where a trout filled river is just beyond the cabin.  as i look at these photos, i can feel a bit of an adrenaline rush.

yes.  i caught this.

once i made a deal with the river that i would finish the job, i caught one.  then i gutted it.  then we ate it.

so proudgutting

it was much harder than i thought (mentally and physically) to get it clean. i’ve never done anything like it.



for all the hours spent in a canoe on the river with my children and friends, thank you, friends, thank you for this experience.  and thank you for the photos.

8 thoughts on “fishergirl

  1. You got some pretty big fish … Did the really big one get away?
    I’m glad you had soooo muuuuch fuuuun!!!! Oma/Omi and Opa/Opi.


  2. Looks like you stayed in a nice little spot in Colorado. Don’t you love it here? :)
    My parents, Ladd, and I found Heaven on earth this summer during their trip to Colorado. There was a big lake so clear you could watch the trout swim. Every few seconds a trout would jump out of the water to catch flies. I thought of Jerry and how he would have LOVED to spend his afternoon up there. :)


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