not home yet

ha!  looking through photos i realized i stopped with our summer travel photos with quite a few images left out.  so, taking you with me back to the windy city.

we spent a day at the lincoln park zoo after a wonderful lunch.

we really delighted in the farm portion.

much of it was familiar to our kids.  several times micah commented that his teachers would like to have some of these things in their classroom.

it was hot but we knew where the air conditioning and water sprinklers were.

i can’t stop imagining how amazing it would be to have a tractor tire swing.  i’ve never seen one, but i can imagine it!

oh, and i can’t stop thinking of this grove of painted orange trees.  not exactly in the zoo, but close.

p.s.  for you, callan:

2 thoughts on “not home yet

  1. Oma and Opa write ” Thanks for sharing your time in Chicago with us. The pics are so descriptive of your good time. Wish we could have been with you. Much Love, Oma/Omi and Opa/opi.


  2. we just found this post, Callan says “thank you for the picture, Ms. Kristin.” and I am transported back 25 years to the mold a rama machine. we also saw one at the tulsa zoo, i took a picture, my family thought i was crazy.


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