pvc pipe sprinkler

oh, i hope, hope, hope i get the details figured out so we pull this off at preschool.  like, always have extra water clothes and towels?  my kids loved this.  and here’s a fun thing:  these big kids all went through new creation preschool….ahhhh, days gone by.

quite simply:  pvc pipe and random connectors/caps.  holes drilled in random spots.  the hose shoved in one end (though it would easily come out….our hose connector was the wrong size).  the longest pipe balanced in the basketball net.

endless possibilities.

endless joy.

good, good summer fun.

25 thoughts on “pvc pipe sprinkler

  1. fun, fun. when you are ready add on to this system or make one for preschool please, oh please, remember the guy who used to be a sprinkler guy by profession and is now the sprinkler guy by hobby and has a garage full of pipe, connectors etc, that are waiting for a new home.


  2. Cool!! We made a “car wash” like this out of family fun a few years ago. When you left that comment for me on my “about me” being just like “about you”—look back in your comments–I left the same comment for you a while ago!! LOL


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