chicago must eats

it is common for me to look ahead to my day in the context of food.  i look forward (very forward) to my morning coffee with cream alongside peanut butter or jam and cheese on toast.  i love the days i eat out at lunch.  i would rather eat less at supper and enjoy a bowl of cereal before bed.

so when traveling, i think about food along the way, food we’ll make sure to eat when we arrive, food we’ll stock up on and bring home (boback’s sausages, 10 cent limes, jays potato chips and fresh corn tortillas).

the days are always greeted with coffee from a thermos that has been pre-warmed.  there is always a basket of bread, a cupbard of peanut butter, a fridge of jams.  there are certain foods oma and opa always make:

griesnockerl (dumpling soup)

black beans and rice feast

this year we brought the trout we caught in colorado for fish tacos

morning pots of porridge

then there are the favorite foods on a mental checklist:

aurelios super six pizza

aurelios spinach calabrese

aurelios antipasto

ex-senators ribs (with fries and white bread soaked in bbq sauce)

willie’s weenie wagon hot dogs (with everything)

pepes soft tacos

gaylord’s indian lunch buffet (we missed it this time)

the kids always want panda express, jerry always wants new wok chinese

dunkin donuts

baskin robbins

white castle sliders

fresh bagels

it does seem like i’m forgetting something…but this is at least a start.

3 thoughts on “chicago must eats

  1. I am loving your Chicago posts as we are planning a trip there in September. I am going to google that Indian Buffet!! But that corn and avocado salad you posted…I am going to go make that now!!!


  2. truly enjoying food means to savor the memories and emotions attached to the memories. it’s no wonder rituals often involve food.

    wonderful post!


  3. oh what lovely memories of meals shared together this summer. Another vacation tradition: the pantry was also stocked with every variety of sugar cereal that we could find as special treats for the kids. Oh the things we get to do for the grandkids. I remember when you and Jon were little, the huge treat on vacation was buying cereal in those little individual boxes and getting to eat them right out of the box!
    Love you so much, Mom/Oma


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