alley river

there is an alley next to our house and next to the alley is a little ditch where water  flows to the storm drain.  if we’ve had a big rain it flows naturally, if we need to drain the sump pump we put the hose out here, and one day i let the boys turn on the well pump for the making of a river.

our prairie plants along that side of the yard got a good soaking.

i watched micah plow the ditch deeper and thought of all the children who work this hard out of necessity.  some of those children can’t imagine having water to play with.  this fed a good conversation while we worked.

there were islands created and i watched micah watch how the water naturally flowed.  he chose to redirect the river rather than build dams to force it his intended way.  i quietly liked that.

toys were added towards the end…i never thought i’d see mother mary and pirate man side by side in my front yard.

3 thoughts on “alley river

  1. As always, I love and appreciate your perspective, Kristin. I also love when playthings get mixed. I find it a thrill to see what the kids choose to put with what and where.


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