chicago night

we didn’t plan on lasting until dark, but we did!

it was a first since the kids were born and it was delightful.

we ate at billy goat’s tavern on lower wacker drive (you know the snl skit?).

shlitz on tap, bags of chips (still one of eliza’s favorite foods), burgers with cheese, baseball on tv.

when i was little (i grew up south of chicago…two doors down from where my folks live now), my dad would describe lower wacker drive as “the belly of chicago.”  my kids love it now too.

the american girl store was not in our plans, but the mood was right.  it was truly an all-or-nothing experience.  no money would be spent, but we would look at the whole place.

i felt the 10 year old in me come alive.  i’m not sure what i would have done if i was a child.  i LOVED dolls.  i LOVED making them seem as real as possible.  so to have a store with a hospital, a t shirt making shop, a cafe, a coffee shop, a beauty shop, etc…it was surreal.  and maybe more surreal to be slapped in the face with reality on the sidewalks right outside.

but fun to see and imagine what if.

then instead of carrying tired kids back to the car, we played around in the apple store.

oh, i want me an ipad.  and an iphone.  and most of the other stuff in there.

it was easy to spend a long time in here…a store that felt like a hands on museum.

we shared money with those asking for some, we giggled at the talent of a clarinet player, we said hello to city horses who look just like our small town horses.  most of the world is the same, yes?

3 thoughts on “chicago night

  1. oh, this is fun… you took me with you, and i didn’t want to stop reading. i loved it. the 10-year-old in you :)

    you should link up with imperfect prose on thursdays… i love your posts.


  2. i have a sister who lives there, why do i keep avoiding this beautiful city? the drive? the anticipated stress that is probably not there? can you keep posting pics until i’m convinced?-Meg


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