movie excitement

i think it’s funny that i got caught up in the excitement of the filming of a movie i normally wouldn’t care about.  in fact, it is one of the first things naomi talks about in reference to our time in chicago. and to be fair, some of us were more interested than others.

we saw the filming set of the latest transformers movie.

i think it was as interesting (even more?) to see all the people crammed together trying to get a peek.

we heard loud noises, saw smoke, and helped the kids get up closer.

it was a pretty cool thing to come upon…followed by a fun night on the town…

5 thoughts on “movie excitement

  1. Oh………goodness!!!!!!!!!!

    I would love love love to be there! Transformer is one of my favorite movies. Did you see the actors? Shia LaBeouf maybe? Now I envy you. Ok, i’ll watch the movie then, instead of watching the filming heeheehee ;)


  2. Oh it was a fun day. What a delight to hang out downtown together until late – walking down Michigan Ave. at night with all the lights and all the people…
    We miss you so much. We got spoiled being together.
    love you!!!!


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