we’ve had a couple big drives this summer.

the laundry is about done, the photos are downloaded, and other than some (new) car trouble and a stolen wallet, we made some wonderful memories.

the kids take a lot of pictures during the hours in the car…so we find a lot of sky and blurry grass photos.  among them are some cool things i didn’t notice.  and some cool things that were very noticeable.   : )

more to come.

4 thoughts on “travel

  1. oh, no, more car trouble? I am so sorry! Seeing those bags and those sweet faces reminds me of our sleepover in Markham last year. We miss you so much. This is our second year of not getting ready for school together…only one more to go.


  2. It’s only been a week since you were here? Seems like forever! It was so wonderful to be together. I love the pictures. Love you much, Dad/Opa


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