potty training 101

someone asked me a potty training question recently and i almost couldn’t remember what it was like.  this reminds me.  back from march 2008.

— — — — — — — — — —

so, this is my third child and i forgot a very important step in the potty training (toilet teaching, elimination independence, diaper diss…whatever you choose to call it) journey.

i fall into the category of i’d-rather-change-a-diaper-than-wet-clothes mamas so my kids leave diapers when that is no longer true. this morning as we were getting ready for the preschoolers, it became no longer true. i told eliza that now since she is three she doesn’t have to wear diapers anymore (like lucca and annie and isabel and elsie don’t either). great. she was good with it. she went commando the rest of the day, one accident that ms. shannon helped with, but general delight with the process.

after school she eagerly told naomi and micah about her not wearing diapers anymore and we went to the porch to eat snack. during that time, she stood up, peed and said, see! no me wear diapers anymore. i’m a big girl. i don’t have to pee in diapers, just in my pants.

oops. i forgot the toilet part, i guess. but as i type she sits on the pot waiting.

12 thoughts on “potty training 101

  1. That made me laugh so much. Ada is totally able to control her pee, but is totally unwilling to pee in the potty. She can go for hours without any problem, but once she wants to go she demands a diaper. I am letting it slide until it is warmer here, then going for the “you are three, diapers are gone” method and dealing with wet clothes. Easy to say when three is still almost 4 months away.


  2. man – i wish zachy would go with the “you’re 3, no more diapers” logic – he still flat out refuses the toilet, like not even a moments hesitation “no, i wear diapers, mama. i a baby” – and the fact that it’s like 25 degrees (on a warm day) makes the commando/naked method a bit like cruel and unusual punishment i think! so hopefully summer comes soon – do you suppose i could convince benjamin to join the potty training party once summer comes so we could just finish it off in one fell swoop?? is 20 months reasonable?? :P


  3. potty training….YUCK!!
    there are always some good stories that go with it though.
    GO ELIZA!! (in the toilet)

    if you get a goat can we come over and play with it?


  4. Oh, I’m that kind of mama too, rather change a diaper than have to think about anything to do with potty training!!! Which reminds me, we have to jump on that soon. Boo!
    Hope you guys have a super weekend!


  5. Hehehe. Poppy won’t even hear about it. We have had our troubles. Although she did sit on the toilet yesterday so there is hope…HELP! Xxx


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