climbing up to it

hmmmm.  2 years ago i was singing the same song.

posted first may 27, 2008

— — — — — — — — — — —

oh, it has happened again…the reality of summer brings me to a halt.

town wood chip pile

i feel like the world is asking more of me than i want to give.  it is light until way past the kids’ usual bedtime, it’s getting so hot i have to work to keep cool (and oh! it’s only may), the rain falls and we have to clean it out of the basement (i sucked up over 12 gallons last night), the weeds grow, the grass grows, clothes are wet and muddy and require immediate laundering…

town wood chip pile

but i will rise to this, because i want life to be satisfying.  i will find joy in this new pace.

town wood chip pile

and you can bet i will find ways to renew…

local food b.l.t.

one happy summer gift: i have never had a blt better than this…dang.

4 thoughts on “climbing up to it

  1. oh dear kristin…i am right there with you (and it’s not even summer here!) hugs to you…i know that you will find ways to enjoy this stage of life.

    and sometimes it helps me to remember that it is just that – a stage – and will pass. surely other stages will have their own challenges, but mixing it up will help, right??

    so may you have many wonderful, juicy/crispy yummy refreshers…and some quiet and calm to enjoy them in!

    much love…ang


  2. that looks yummy.

    you already know this new schedule throws me off.
    everyone is already tired of each other.

    but it’s going to be good as soon as we figure this out.
    and eat lots of yummy blt’s.


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