swollen creek

UPDATED:  if you watch the video of the the kids floating down the river, take note of naomi’s “wooooo,” micah’s squeal of delight and eliza asking me:  can we get our clothes wet?  yes, baby. (then to the kids who are already soaked): yeah!  we can get our clothes wet! oh, my eyes are a bit wet reliving that precious time.

how about some trips down memory lane?  kind of like looking through an old photo album?  here we have the kids almost exactly two years ago:

— — — — — —

apparently it rained while we were gone. after discovering the creek was swollen, rushing, but not over the bridge, it was determined “safe enough” and we went back today with swimsuits and boards.

body surfing on the creek

surfing the creek

it was such a treat to hear the water, feel it so cold, and watch them be swept along:

eliza really had to be held on to…the current was strong. she was happier to sit in calm spots anyway:

cukes at the creek

then we had snacks, biked home…and then pulled leeches off. gross. gross. gross.

running home

8 thoughts on “swollen creek

  1. Be careful when near water!!! We were so glad for the wonderful time you had in Markham and the safe trips there and back = We love you, Oma and Opa / omi and opi


  2. yes do be careful!! ;)
    and i think i’ve listened to row row row your boat about 17 times!!
    how fun would it be to listen to a duet!
    missing you!!!


  3. Does it help you to know that the water was NEVER reached micah’s waist?

    But yes, the power of it was strong and I was like a hawk…watching and poised and calling out warnings to never go in rushing water unless mama or daddy are there…

    Yes, we were surrounded with safety.


  4. What fun!
    Eliza’s little singing voice is so sweet. I love the videos, too cool, I doubt I will ever figure that out for ourselves.
    Peeling off leeches is beyond gross. EWWWW!


  5. It looks like you all had a lot of fun! My son loves water and could spend all day at a place like this, although he is not quite ready to be in the water out of arms reach since he is only 2 1/2 :)

    (I found your blog via the comment you left on mine, thank you)


  6. Leeches. ICK!!! I have vivid memories of when I was 5 at the resort we went to in northern Minnesota and… well… let’s just say, that’s when the leech/snake phobia started (although, there were no snakes involved).



  7. It’s so nice to watch them play and Eliza singing! How i miss her! And hearing your voice.
    Eiewww! Leeches! Hope the kids won’t be traumatized to go there again.
    Btw, i like that creek too. Next time i visit Newton, let’s go there together? ;) hee hee


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