taken for granted

there is plenty that we take for granted.  health, water, food, safety, trees, flowers, kindness.

i couldn’t stop thinking of this quote:  appreciation is the vessel for future blessings. (michael berg)

i do not believe that i am entitled to “future blessings” more than anyone else.  in fact, this week i was reminded again of what seems to be my basic faith:  god is good, horrors happen, god is still good.
this is a curse and a blessing.  with this faith, i live with no bargaining power.  i can plead and rejoice and lament and affirm, but mostly i live with a longing to experience peace with what comes.  i am determined to notice the “blessings” that are all around.

3 thoughts on “taken for granted

  1. I love your views on life and faith. That is a wonderful quote about appreciation being a vessel, followed immediately by a magenta petunia in the shape of a beautiful vessel. It’s like you’re a teacher or something. :)


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