new friend

eliza has a new obsession with holly hobbie.  there are videos at the library of the “new generation” of holly hobbie where the holly in the movie is the granddaughter of the original holly hobbie.  when a friend of mine heard of eliza’s new fascination, she tucked a vintage holly hobbie cookbook in our back door.

summersicle success!

now eliza says, “it’s kind of like i know holly hobbie because someone who has known holly hobbie longer than i have gave me the book.”  gotta love 5 year old logic.  thank you, christine (a.k.a. holly hobbie)

2 thoughts on “new friend

  1. Abby loves Holly Hobbie too, and we can’t get it here…so if you might burn us some movies some time….anyway, I love it too, as Katie and I had Hollie Hobbie wallpaper and curtains in our room.


  2. Oh! Look at that! Sweet, strong arms and hands. Vibrant vintage colors everywhere. And glorious abundance on your kitchen counter. So fun. I am thrilled she is enjoying it!

    And Jen, I was telling Eliza about having Holly Hobbie eye glass frames and bed spread. I totally forgot about the curtains! Glad to know someone else was into “vintage” (Grandma?) Holly Hobbie! :)


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