family apart

what happens at home when daddy is gone for nearly 2 weeks straight (we saw him for about 12 hours in between):

jerry and naomi were at camp for a week, now jerry and micah are at harvest for almost a week.  part of me likes the focus that single parenting requires and part of me becomes really weary really fast.  it is so much work to simply manage a household (lights out?  doors locked?  garbage to the curb?  dog fed? cat fed?  hamsters fed? rabbit fed? van tires rotated?  garage door closed for night?  garden watered?  beans picked?  beans washed, snapped, frozen?  laundry done?  toilets washed? water in the basement from the rain?  fire in the pit out for night?  flowers watered?  tools put away? paint brushes washed?).  i am inspired by people who do this all the time.

i’m thankful for air conditioning, friends who cook for me, relief from grandparents, safety of my children, finding time  to work on the house, coffee and cream at church on sunday, exercise with friends, facebook comments that make me giggle, money to eat out (a lot)…

it is a blessed life.

10 thoughts on “family apart

  1. My short stints at single-parenthood has made me appreciate and admire those who do it all the time. It was hard work,mentally and physcially exhausting (as you’ve noted), and I knew it would end when Everett came home! It looks to me like you have handled it with more grace than I ever did!


  2. husband traveling is always so difficult for the few weeks. boo.

    also: i want to live in you house. or, at least, be your neighbor. okay


  3. Wonderful images.

    I hope it’s getting easier. It is hard doing it all.

    When The Mr. went to Japan for two weeks last year The Offspring and I got the swine flu. It made me really appreciative of that extra set of hands.


  4. You are running so hard, we can hardly keep up with you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day. Continue to look and capture fun!!!!! Oma/omi and Opa/Opi


  5. I LOVE the color of your house!! How do you do stuff like that, such as getting into my head and paint your house the same color I want my house to be??

    Your house is way too neat while you play single-mom, though. I think our house begins to degrade before he is even out the driveway.

    Your children are seriously beautiful.

    I want to sit with you in a lawn chair and drink lemonade.


  6. You’ve been painting every summer almost, huh? Its a beautiful color that you chose. I admire your perseverance to paint all those rooms, ceilings, and now the outside. I imagine the finished product is so rewarding; i wouldn’t know though, as I poop out before the project is done. :/


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