when i was 12

when i was 12 i took pictures of baby jorge.  dozens and dozens of pictures.  on my canon with 110 film.

now i’m 36 and i take pictures of these guys.  dozens and dozens of pictures.  thankfully, i don’t have to buy or process film anymore.

sweet babies.

my kids were there too…

(we think they meant no loitering BEHIND the fence)

this next picture is special to me…it’s not an especially interesting one, but it captures a moment when the older two are talking. not fighting, not competing, not bored, just visiting.  it seems rare these days.

and this was eliza’s very intentional pose:

oh my.

3 thoughts on “when i was 12

  1. oh my! i love that intentional pose. and i also love the special photo..i need to capture more pics of the kids when they don’t know i’m looking. those are the best.


  2. You capture the best moments, Kristin. You capture them, and then are clever enough to recognize them for what they are, instead of chasing the trite stuff.


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