fresh jolly rancher

think of a cherry jolly rancher.

that is exactly what these taste like when cooked with sugar.

the cherry tree was here when we moved in 5 years ago.  the kids spent some time one morning picking with jerry.  then they washed and sorted them in the baby pool.  strainers from china town and the old pool skimmer came in handy.

the other years most cherries had worms in them.  this meant pitting every. single. one. by hand. we thought this year would be the same, but once we started the washing/sorting process, we realized there were almost no wormy cherries.  in fact, i haven’t found one myself.

if i am honest with myself (and you), i had a moment of believing this was a miracle.  bent over the bucket of cherries, i felt a child-like wonder:  didn’t these all have worms a moment ago?  did all the rotten ones disappear?  is it because i committed myself to pitting each one by hand that i am experiencing the reward of wormless cherries?

regardless of answers (which i am done looking for these days), we celebrated this turn of events.

the kids were begging for turns to use the pitter…it is satisfying!

so far we’ve had cherry sauce for waffles and cherry pie for dessert.  micah has finished the cherry sauce plain (nearly 2 cups) and there are more cherries waiting on the tree.  blessed be.

8 thoughts on “fresh jolly rancher

  1. oh my goodness, those red, red berries in the yellow pool are so beautiful!!!

    i’ve always wanted one of those pitters.

    my do you find some cool things in china town!


  2. Wow, there is a sign of the difference in our respective climates/weather – no cherries from our tree yet, other than the half-formed ones that drop on our heads.

    Lovely, delicious photos!


  3. i have never even seen one of those pitters.
    i didn’t know they had those.
    very cool.
    maybe i would like cherries….now that i am grown up.
    these pictures are so summery. :)


  4. Memories of when Chris’ grandparents had cherry trees and we’d pick, pit, and make pie after pie. If you need to get rid of any cherries, I’d be open for some:) Making fresh cherry pies for harvest would be great! Your kids could even make a trade of coming out to the field for harvest!


  5. VOICE OF EXPERIENCE – Some years the cherries have worms. If you put the cherries in water over night, the worms will float on top of the water. Then you can make wonderful jam or pie. Beautiful cherries – wish we had some of them! Have fun and health – Love to see you ? Oma/Omi and Opa/Opi!


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