water slide

there was an evening of rain some time ago.  this slide seems to come in handy so often (though there is someone in our family who wishes it wasn’t always around).

the kids made a water slide…


and figured out how to make it a bit steeper (hauling this log from the neighbor’s house across the street!).

there has been a lot of friend fun this summer…for which we are grateful.

2 thoughts on “water slide

  1. Oh, I have so many good memories of playing in the flooded streets in the rain, growing up in Florida. I never had a cool slide though! I love you and your slide, even though I’m sure you want to leave it on the curb on garbage day. ;) The are great pictures!

    Funny thing: as much as it rains here, we never get flooded streets. I think they just went crazy with the storm drain systems.


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