we had a wonderful time at church retreat.

jerry was on the planning committee and helped prepare a retreat full of opportunities to re.lax.  you know you are relaxing when you go fishing in your pajamas.

this dam is not nearly as big as it looks. the waterfall is only about 4 feet.

our family went out a night early to set up camp.  john and abram joined us a bit later and we were able to enjoy some camping time together.

we used the epp family camper and were actually cold the first night.  i was glad to cuddle with eliza and not get peed on!

there was cooking together, laughing, fishing, basketball, singing, campfire, kettle corn, canoeing…and i stopped taking pictures after the first 12 hours.  oh well.

then home again, home again.

p.s. more pictures here of the best aerobic class i’ve ever been to.

4 thoughts on “retreat

  1. We love camping! especially at Mennoscah! Jealous that you have gone out already this year…we look forward to our next opportunity!


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