lunch in bed

i’m not sure that these moments will ever happen again.

i’m glad that i pushed the pangs of guilt away and carried up a tray of food, turned on pbs, then ate in bed before an afternoon nap with eliza.

almost every day after preschool this was our routine.

now we’re all home together.  i imagine we can sneak upstairs with lunch again or add a couple more kids to the ritual, but it won’t be the same.

precious memories flood my soul.

5 thoughts on “lunch in bed

  1. yes, what a precious memory!
    She looks big and mature from the back.

    btw, why isn’t there a link to your newest post (retreat)?
    everytime i klik the title in the home page, it always says page not found. hm….


    1. yes, all day after the first 6 weeks.

      since i have the luxury of being able to be home in the afternoons, i wouldn’t mind a half day program. all sorts of layers here…but i am grateful for the school she is heading to.


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