i’m not sure from which perspective to write this.

from mama of a graduating preschooler?

from teacher of 29 kids finishing a school year?

from coworker to two adults who made this year so fun and fulfilling?

from spouse who is turned toward home in a new way?

from director who actually made friends with preschool parents but has no schedule to see them now?

from mama who is recalling the years with the older two in preschool?

maybe from each perspective it is the same.  it is with bone deep memories that i offer this post.  for 12 years i have done my job with my own children wrapped in it.  jerry watches students who were my students make their ways in and out of his classroom at the high school.  every may i wander through my house a while trying to decide how i will spend my time.  i miss the energy of the classroom, i treasure the morning sun of my dining room.

my baby graduated.  i graduated.  we all graduated.

7 thoughts on “graduation

  1. oh, how tender. it will be so different without your own in the classroom. i bet it will be different in many ways, some better than others.


  2. oh my…these bone deep feelings and knowings will always be with you. They still are with me some thirty years later.
    How I love you and miss being there in person.


  3. thank you, kristin, for once again putting such common feelings into powerful words and images. amazing how we strive to prepare our babies, wanting them to move through life strong and happy . . .and yet as it’s happening, we resist . . . this bitter-sweet dance of parenthood! kristin, I will steal your words a year from now when evan graduates from elementary and moves on to junior high. our elementary school goes through 6th grade . . .a total of 7 years with my little man in the car with me, in my classroom before school, and safely with staff i know well. one more year to embrace and then WE will graduate. and yet, i know, he’ll be ready. me? maybe not so much, but him, yes!


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