last day of preschool

for eliza.

and for me as a mama.

starting next year, i won’t hear “mama” in the classroom except for the random few who call me that.

sweet darlin.

with hands just like my brother’s.

on we go.

photo taken by naomi…one of the 30 i found on the camera.

9 thoughts on “last day of preschool

  1. Oh my…I have been thinking about you a lot as you move into this new chapter in life. It has been such a gift to you and your children that you could be both their mama and their preschool teacher!


  2. i got one block away today and start BAWLING!!!
    and i am crying again now.

    i will miss seeing you often…very much.
    thank you for always being so loving to my children.

    our new creation experince will rank HIGH for our life in newton.
    you were one of the first women i met in this town.
    thankful for you.
    ok…gotta go find some kleenex…my mascara is everywhere!


  3. so very sweet. this picture reminds me of pictures of my little sister when she was much younger.

    unrelated… i have an art for children question i need some advice on. do you mind sending me your e-mail address?


  4. So bittersweet…I never taught my own children, but my predecessor taught her children AND grandchildren! Perhaps that will be you one day!


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