cinco de mayo

we had a wonderful, wonderful day with friends.  i found my camera full of photos taken by others more than myself, so that post is yet to come.

but this post is to show dear eliza…after an intense day at preschool (verbal outbursts that aren’t appropriate for outside of the bathroom, rolling across the circle time rug when i’m trying to capture the attention of 12 others, a sparkle in her eye so bright it worried me…) eliza was calm.  in fact, mesmerized by the careful dancing of the local high school azteca dance group.

they learn traditional mexican dances and on cinco de mayo, performed at the et cetera shop (my happy place).

at the end the children were invited to come dance along.  she was so nervous, but told me that if she could dance with the fancy girl in the pink dress, she would.

she did it.  she looked lost and nervous most of the time.  her little legs were awkwardly bouncing in a little circle.

her dear buddy sported a sombrero and did not look nervous.  instead, looked like a pro.

but she did it.  and at the end, she was smiling.

a wonderful end to a wild morning.

2 thoughts on “cinco de mayo

  1. I thank God for Eliza…she has helped make you the perfect teacher for Ronni! You are an amazing women, mom, teacher, and hopefully friend. I feel a connection with your spirit even though we spend very little time together. Thank you.


  2. I am so proud of Eliza for dancing! It shows a whole lotta …somthin…that my kids don’t got that I’m trying to help them get, but I can’t ‘cuz I don’t have it either. Eliza was a shinning example for Elsie of what you can do if you want. And, well, Max…I’m still laughing. Maybe him and Eliza will be dancing at Et Cetera 10 years from now on Cinco de Mayo. I hope to see them. Most days it is one of my happy places. Thank God, I do have others.


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