burn, prairie, burn

naomi got to help in a prairie burn earlier this month with her junior high youth group (from another church where there are more than 2 junior high kids)…micah was so sad.  so, so, so sad.  and hurt because he found out that she went by seeing her photo on the front page of the local paper:

040710 kauffman fire 3.jpg

040710 kauffman fire lead.jpg

we hadn’t kept it from him intentionally, but it sure felt like it to him. so, promises were made that he and daddy would find a time to go watch a prairie burn as well.  we have connections.

it happened.  they didn’t just watch, they helped…

eliza and i drove out to see the event.  as soon as we saw the smoke, i stopped the car and started taking pictures.  i think it’s funny now because we were able to get right to the actual fire.

micah helped rake the fire, point out hot spots, etc.  but mostly he walked around, stopped with his head slightly to the side, eyebrows barely furrowed, watching the fire creep.  he never complained about being bored.  he said he could have stayed all night.

i could also mention jerry’s calm joy at helping with this task.  the basic work of spreading fire, then putting it out.

eliza was happy playing “wolf” and the tall grass was her home.  her home that was about to catch on fire.

she was also happy with the camera…there were over 30 pictures of the sky and about 15 of the back of me.

thank you, brad, in your pink burn shirt, gentle knowledge, and unbridled enthusiasm for the prairie, thank you for your call.

6 thoughts on “burn, prairie, burn

  1. How wonderful. Disappointment yielding promises yielding experience. I love this post. Micah’s love of nature’s fire! I am so thankful for your attention to such details of a child’s life. It’s what makes life worth living. i am deeply moved.

    Love you, Dad.


  2. eh hm…. i am sorry, but i don’t really understand this. I didn’t experience this when i was around.

    why do you have to burn the prairie and then put the fire out?????

    Anyway, i love all the pictures.
    seldom i see your face on your own blog. you look great :)
    I love seeing eliza’s picture. pretty, pretty.

    I miss you all :)


  3. There was a prairie burn in a field just across the street from my college every year and it was a huge event. People would carry COUCHES out to the edge of the road on the campus and sit around and eat and watch the prairie burn. I thought it was kind of a weird hick small town Indiana thing to do, but it turned out to be kinda neat after all :)


  4. I always enjoy your account of an experience, Kristin. And with prescribed burning, usually only those that take part in these rituals with fire can know how profound the experience really is. But you’ve certainly moved closer to letting the casual observer enjoy this experience as well through photos and words.

    Your pink jacket friend.


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