there is grief and celebration swirling around knowing that my youngest child is going to kindergarten.  we attended pre-enrollment last week.  there was time to explore the school yard a bit (the greenhouse was open and there are new piggies).

i’ve watched many friends send their youngest to school.  i’ve marveled at the adjustment.

i am grateful beyond words for the environment eliza is heading to.  she was scared and nervous but friendly mrs. black and the class bunny pulled her in.

so these days that we spend eating lunch in bed while watching pbs will join the other memories of  bagels and  “baby born” (what micah called “a baby story”), library books on the front porch, watching the 8:30 sun come through the windows, riding bike with a trailer to the grocery store…the magic of those school hours that we spent together.

7 thoughts on “kindergarten

    1. yes, same school as micah. this means they will have the first part of their day together: there are multi age homerooms and the school intentionally puts siblings together. ahhhh.


  1. Thinking of you, and sweet E, who came over to cuddle, watch movies, and eat candy with me sometimes when I was lonely and missed Abby. Yes, the grocery store is possibly the hardest, and all the parks, and the trail…and afternoon cuddles, lunch alone. But you will move into these spaces in a new way, and she will blossom….but it is soooooo hard.


  2. Oh, Eliza, how i miss you! You look so big now!
    It looks like a very nice and fun school, i think she will love it there.
    I know it will be hard, yet there is time for everything, Kristin
    Wishing you peace and comfort as you let her go to her next stage of life :)


  3. Wow, doesn’t she look so beautiful and so BIG!
    Sending peace and courage to you both.
    It’s so bittersweet watching these little fledglings spread their wings, hugs to you mama!!


  4. She’s so ready, even if you aren’t sure that you are. I’m actually excited for both of you. You’ll find your way and she’ll love it.


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