days gone by…

someone asked if we could eat the colored eggs (the ones colored after they were peeled).  yes.  we did.  since we used vinegar and food coloring, it seemed okay.  there was a slight pickled flavor on the ones we left in a long time.

but with their cumin seed eyes and carrot beaks, they were cute for sunday morning at church.

we spent the afternoon on the farm and i am stunned at how old my babies look.

papa hid the eggs so well we all had to help.  the older the kid, the harder they’re hidden.  naomi loved that.

eliza had a stuffy nose from all the sugar.  sweet times.

6 thoughts on “days gone by…

  1. I love your chickie eggs.

    Ada got one of those chickens that lays gum as well. Now that the gum is gone (and I have no idea where to get more) I am wondering what else that toy could be made to ay. Beans?


  2. i love it that you made “chicks” out of what would have been chicks. they’re just as cute as the real ones and no pooping.


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