easter egg

days and days have passed by…as of tonight, all the eggs have been eaten, there are only a few chocolate rabbit tails left.

we tried a new technique this year for some of the eggs:  hard boiling them, then peeling them, then coloring them.  micah brought this idea home from school.  he said it was the “real old fashioned way” to do it.

really cool.  not really cool that sally ate 10 of the first dozen.  not cool.  we made more.

most of our eggs came from micah’s school.  he was proud and loved the varying shades of brown.  he wanted to save a few eggs, so we blew the insides out.

micah also convinced me that the “real old fashioned way” to dye the eggs was to use straight vinegar and food coloring (no water like i always had).  this means we were left with about 8 cups of colored vinegar.

bring on the driveway volcanoes.

i think we’ve found a new post egg decorating tradition.

all three kids joined in with a friend (blessed be).

a genuine lesson on color mixing…and it struck me how every child here already knows this.  there is no mystery left in the making of new colors.  but there is curiosity.  and a mess.

3 thoughts on “easter egg

  1. Very cool! The art teacher in me jumps for joy that they know about the color mixing! They’ve had good teachers (including you :). But there is still magic in watching them mix together, even when you know what will happen!


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