if you roll your tongue on “prrrrr” and then make your voice high pitched on “maows”, you will be saying what eliza used to say when she saw our kitty.

now it’s what i say when i see any cat.  like even in public.

and only recently did i realize how odd i sound.

in other news:  with some tedious rearranging (inch by inch-literally), i was able to get pbs stations on our main floor tv!    no one is allowed to move the tv or antenna.  if you can’t see, move yourself.  these are the fancy digital pbs stations.  very exciting.  or relaxing, if you are 5.

2 thoughts on “prrrrr-maows

  1. This post really needs an audio track for full effect! It’s funny, too…I was just thinking that I need to make a post about Maco – turning 10 this spring. Prrr-MAOWS!


  2. John David has the greatest sound for our kitties! and our chickens….and our roosters….and elephants…..just learned monkeys. WOW! the cool PBS channels are also the must have on our tv!


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