god of mercy…


details of the death of a toddler keep coming.  this 19 month old baby lived across the street from us.  we never saw him.  we didn’t know he existed.  the family lived there for a few months and we didn’t know it.  this event is no more ours to mourn than someone thousands of miles away.  maybe that is part of what feels so sick.

reported is that this baby had the worst injuries ever seen in 28 years.  my stomach turns, jerry paces the room angry, the kids try to make sense of it.  i can hardly breathe when i think of what life might have been for that child.  bones broken, skin cut, nails split…but dear god of mercy, i trust his spirit soars and is lighter than it ever was.  and dear god of mercy, may his parents know the same someday.

13 thoughts on “god of mercy…

  1. oh dear, Kristin, you too need support, love and care with dealing with all the emotions and thoughts . . . my stomach aches for you and your full head and heavy heart


  2. That is so sad, tragic and beyond our human understanding. As a foster parent, I am sad that interventions didn’t happen to save the child – but God’s will was different. Horrific stuff happens daily – much of which doesn’t get reported in news media ways. I’ll hug my children and thank the Lord for saving them while praying for the many children out there. Peace to you as you heal your heart. Peace to the family that has a hard path ahead of them.


  3. What does one say when nothing seems right?

    I sit in silence wondering how it’s possible that any living creature could possibly inflict such pain in another. With you I am hoping against hope that even the perpetrators of this horror will somehow find the mercy of God. If not, none of what I claim has any value.

    Tonight we were gathered at church for choir rehearsal — we did a little of that, but we spent more emotional energy praying — for the little boy, for the parents, for the family, for you and the kiddies…

    Be safe. We love you dearly,



  4. Hi Kristin, Jerry, Naomi, Micah and Eliza Irene! We are shocked – Such horror, such pain.
    We wish you all well as you work through this tragedy – our prayers are with all of you.
    Oma/Omi and Opa/Opi


  5. The heartsick feelings are there, whether we knew him or not. And what you do every day, filling up those little children with the knowledge that they are important, that they matter, and that everyone around them is important and matters, is so very beautiful. Your school kids will carry that forever, and take it through their lives, even into their own parenting.


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