ham it up

kindergarten, grade one and grade two spent a lot of school time learning songs for the spring music program.  keeping with the rural life theme, their program was called “e-i-e-i-oops” about a cow who lost her moo.

it really was cute.  and so well done.

micah wasn’t sure about wearing a pig nose, but we made one and he did wear it.  he was such a trooper.  clearly out of his comfort zone, but he did it!  eliza learned his lines and says them often.  micah was “deerio” and one of his buddies was “hi ho.”

hey, hi ho!

yes, deerio?

why is a pig like ink?

i don’t know, why IS a pig like ink?

because he keeps running into his pen and then runs out!

(then they slapped each other on the back and laughed).

the final song included micah in the front row complete with kicks and jazz hands.  sweet darling.  for those of you who know jerry, just imagine him doing that and you’ve got an image of micah.

the evening was finished off with the 5th grade hosting a bake sale with all funds going to the local homeless shelter.

i really do love this school.

2 thoughts on “ham it up

  1. Oh!! Do you have any video of Micah performance? i would love to watch it.
    But probably it was not allowed to record video when it played, right?

    So Wonderful! :)


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