dog phase

we had a dog show up on our porch and had fun with him all day.  he looked like a much bigger, brown sally.  the humane society was full and asked if we could keep him for the day.  he was easy.  low key.  we walked him to the vet clinic to see if he had a microchip.  three kids.  three big dogs.

(jerry was admittedly and understandably cranky that i was taking his picture instead of helping him)

as we crossed old highway 81, turned to me and said, “i bet one day we’ll look back and call this our ‘dog phase’.”

i bet he’s right.

:: :: :: ::

“charlie brown” as i called him went home in the afternoon.  it turns out he lives only a couple blocks away.

4 thoughts on “dog phase

  1. What a good deed! That doggy could have been lost forever, or hit. But I have to say, you aren’t the only one to “rescue” an animal that was already practically home. One day back in Colorado, my mom and I were yard sailing and we saw this tiny cat. It looked so lost, and wanted love and food. We got into our car and she came in with us. So we decided we would find the owner. We called the number on the collar, and while the lady was thankful, we learned that her address was exactly one house up from where we were parked on the street.


  2. I have recently finished Jon Katz’s books “A Good Dog” and “Dog Days”. These are fantastic dog books your family would enjoy. They inspire me to get a farm with a donkey!


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