faster and better eyesight

did you know that when you turn five, you can run faster and see better?

it is merely coincidence that you got new shoes and fake glasses for your birthday.

8 thoughts on “faster and better eyesight

  1. I wanted glasses so badly when I was little! I remember convincing my parents enough to get them checked out and the optometrist told them after the exam, “Good news! She has 20/20 vision!” I was crushed.


  2. ha – i had to chuckle at myself – my initial reaction was, “eliza is FIVE??!?” and then i realized that we had indeed had our own 5-year-old birthday not 2 months ago so of course she is 5! :) and quite sophisticated in her shoes and glasses i’m sure! their certainty at this age is priceless!!


  3. Picture 2 rules.

    And yes. I do think one can run faster in new shoes. So I’m sure the same holds true for the glasses. *Especially* if they are fake.


  4. March 10, 2010 • 8:14 PM

    Oh yeah! What a looker! Love it. It was so wonderful being together on her birthday.

    Love you much,


    P.S. I’m sitting alone in a “less that super” Super 8 motel room. Hmmmm


  5. Loved her comment. I remember believing I would win the sunday school picnic race one year because of the new shoes I was wearing. And then I was shocked that I didn’t.

    Kathy b


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