so, i have a litany of things-gone-wrong over the birthday frenzy around here.

but i have a stronger litany of gratitude for the continued lives of my daughters.

:: :: :: ::

i’ve made birthday scrapbooks for my kids as their main birthday gift from us each year since naomi was 5.  it’s a doozy to get two done at the same time.  but i did it.

the night before naomi’s birthday, i found dixie dog in the basement, going to town.  she loves tape and this scrapbook is full of it.

thankfully i interrupted dixie after two pages. naomi now has the greatest reminder of our time with dixie.

:: :: ::

there was naomi’s request for blueberry pie and jenny is gone so i made it.

it took a long time to defrost 8 cups of blueberries, especially when i used too small of a bowl to soak them in water.  i ended up with a blueberry igloo.

i was distracted on the phone while jerry hovered around me.  in a serious tone i told him to leave (make it colorful and you’ve got it right).  i was tired and realizing i’d have to be up late to wait for the pie to bake.  i cut the lattice top, got it in the oven, and went up to apologize to jerry.  he said, “that’s fine…i just wondered why you were putting so much baking soda in a pie.”  oh. sweet. mother.  i grabbed the baking soda instead of cornstarch.

all my attempts to save the crust and wash the berries failed.  the half-baked crust fell apart, the washed berries were baking-soda infused.

pie number two was made the next day.  i’ve been told it didn’t taste “as good as usual” but i can guarantee it was better than the first one.

:: :: :: ::

a couple days later i was making another batch of strawberry cupcakes and cake per eliza’s request (we made some earlier for preschool treats).

it was sunday morning, she wanted to help, and i thought i should let her (emphasis on SHOULD because i would have much rather baked alone with a cup of coffee and public radio).  but from my toes i found a smile and we made a double recipe of strawberry cake.

when pouring it in the pans, i thought it looked really thin.

i checked the recipe and realized we had doubled the water.

sweet.  sweet. mother.

i baked them anyway and they turned out well enough.

i think i will add a little extra water in the future, but not a double amount.

it was definitely a moist (using that word for you, auntie tricia) cake.

:: :: :: ::

we were graced with friends and family from near and far.  naomi will have some friends over for supper sometime, eliza asked me if it was okay if she didn’t have a friend birthday party (um, yes).

there is still wrapping paper under the couch, new music coming from itunes, and jellybeans in the corners of the dining room.

my sweet babies.  twelve and five.  i’m not sure i know how to do this.  but greater yet, i don’t why i ever thought i knew what i was doing.  grace and mercy will carry us.

6 thoughts on “birthdays.

  1. Great googly moogly, you managed to stay sane through all that!! I’m so glad you took pictures of it all. You definitely rocked it out, though, Mom!


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