status update

i put myself on a facebook fast after finding myself totally engrossed in checking it every chance i could:  wondering if someone updated their status again, seeing what else i could comment on, blah blah blah.  so i did it the only way i seemed to be able to which is all or nothing.

anyway, what i have realized is that i have a few status updates that were never made:

it is possible to burn a pot of soup.

micah told me:  “i can tell who plays video games by looking at their legs.”  (the fewer the scratches and bruises, the more time with video games)

never confuse baking soda with cornstarch when making pie.

naomi loves neon colors…i feel like i’m in the 80s again.

i told eliza to put on underwear and she said, “why? is someone coming over?”

after explaining what “brainwashing” meant, micah said, “oh, like what happens in our family?”

i’m concentrating not to cut my hair.

eliza:  “mom, i think if i was alive with martin luther king, i’d have to go to the broken down school because my skin is so dark.” (this self concept has continued:  she drew her valentine self portrait with a warm brown crayon and was disappointed it wasn’t dark enough)

jerry has the kids on the driveway with a telescope and the full moon.

:: :: :: ::

i’m trying to decide how to feel more connected through facebook rather than less connected.  i need to tame the all-or-nothingness in me.

6 thoughts on “status update

  1. I soooo relate. I gave Facebook up for Lent and have been absolutely jonesing for Sunday to get here. It’s pathetic. I am even thinking of letting myself visit FB on Wednesdays. LOL Sheesh. It is pretty addictive for me. This week has sort of been nice away from it, and yet I still find myself thinking about it A LOT….


  2. It is very addictive! And I love your quotes and comments. Do you know the song “Crayola doesn’t make a color for your eyes” by Kristin Andreassen? Eliza’s skin color comments, etc. made me think of it. I think you’d love it. You can watch it on youtube — the best one (I think) is one taped at an elementary school. Beth


  3. did you get Renee’s awesome sermon for beginning Lent? That all actions can serve to draw us closer to God – whether they are actions of abstaining or engaging. It sounds like your abstention allowed you to clarify your positive purposes in Facebooking. Consider a ritual prayer when picking up your blackberry or clicking whatever you click to pick up email and facebook, and again before every time you start to type back or hit send – a sentence that reminds you to what you are dedicating that action – anything from a Psalm verse (“God, YOU are my rock” or “you have made us and numbered our days”) to a peace prayer (“your peace be in my hands, heart and mind”) to a phrase of the Lord’s Prayer (and for more grounding, divide it into 6 phrases, one for each of the days of creation, and you have to stop more to think what day it is). May also be helpful to have regular smaller fasts throughout the year, very deliberate Sabbath – I would join you on this in some way if you’d be interested – one day a week or one week a month.


  4. I know what you mean. I find myself thinking in statuses, which can’t be good. However, I find that FB does connect me to people and gives me little glimpses into their lives. I love that!


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