12 year old ceremony

in anticipation of her twelfth birthday, we had a ceremony for naomi.

a newly formed mother-daughter group (for mothers and daughters who are in 2nd grade and up) made the decision to honor each girl as they turn 12.

naomi invited some other special women and girls in her life.  i received emails and packages from those too far away.

per her request, we met in the sanctuary with a chocolate buffet, punch, music, henna tattoos, viola playing, a slideshow of her life to this song, and lots of candles.  after the quietness of the ceremony was over, we cranked up ABBA, old crow medicine show and taylor swift.

it felt sacred for naomi and i to sneak away for this.

it was almost an out of body experience for me to see women and girls on bended knee share their observations of naomi.  she has a box of written sentiments, scripture, song, and tokens of all sorts:  beads, stones, feathers, flowers, sea glass, seeds, charms, jewels…and she knows who gave each one.

words can’t express my gratitude for all of them.

9 thoughts on “12 year old ceremony

  1. What a fantastic thing to do!

    (Did you know that Jewish girls do their bat mitzvah (the girl equivalent of a bar mitzvah) at age 12? (boys do theirs at 13) It is an important time of transition, how lovely to mark that!


  2. Oh, how I wanted to be there. I’m so glad that Naomi has such wonderful, strong, and caring women in her life…near and far.


  3. Happy Birthday to Naomi! Do you know that Jon just recorded a song with Sarah Jarosz? Hope all is well with you…we think of you every day!


    1. no. way.

      i can’t stop listening to her.

      she’s incredible.

      which song?

      can i hear it?

      we officially have a “portland or bust” jar that micah counts the money in almost daily. apparently we’re up to $60-some dollars!

      missing you too,



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