on the loose

it takes great coordination to make sure blaze gets his time out of the cage.  while he used to be able to run as it wanted, with dixie chic here, he’s a bit more managed. before dixie comes loose, we make sure blaze is away.  before blaze comes out, we make sure dixie is away.

but once we’ve located all animals in question and blaze is on his own, he cruises.  up and down the steps, under tables and chairs, up on our laps, stopping for drinks like the dogs.

5 thoughts on “on the loose

  1. Such a cutie!!! We had a rabbit when I was growing up too. His name was Pup Pup (named by my mother’s kindergarten class), he had the run of the house with our cats, used a litter box and was a genuine snuggle bunny (: That photo brought back memories!


    1. he is litter box trained. we read a lot and learned that cleanliness is the key (picking up his poop and wiping up his pee) so he learns that the box is the only place to do it. we also had him neutered which made a huge difference.

      this rabbit is oddly sweet. jerry even says, “there’s something special about this rabbit.”

      the maintenance of his long hair is intense, but we’ve learned to just give him a haircut every couple of months. he gets TERRIBLE mats.

      oh, yes, get yourself a bunny. : )


  2. my…my…. that is a BIG rabbit. I thought it was a dog.
    So now you have a dog, a rabbit, and hamsters. How fun! :)
    i want a dog too, if only i can. even when i wanted to bring home the science club hamsters, my sisters said that they will kill them :(


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