we had snow.  enough to sled down the hill by our house.

this is the sled from my childhood.  oma and opa, it’s still working fine!

i think i impressed him.

jerry was determined to get sally down the hill. he did.

then we went home.

7 thoughts on “snow

  1. No way! where is this hill? in the sky park? (i forget the name of the park when we had the farewell party for Chappel Deckert, hm…..)

    This year, you have more snow than last year, i guess. It looks like so much fun. love seeing those pictures. thanks for sharing, next time i’ll join you. i remember that red round plastic sled thing hahaha ;D

    Way the go, Jerry! and that’s a nice shot of Jerry and Sally. I hope she was fine after sledding :)


  2. I LOVE your childhood sled. Just sitting without my legs in my face or crunched up would be amazing. I remember taking my kids to that hill when they were young – I miss that time!


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