valentine’s joy

so, when someone says we should serve a fancy dinner to the big kids, i get excited. it was at our house and i was graced with thrifted candles, ribbon, lace, glasses, roses, chocolates.  i brought the christmas ball in and hoped the light fixture was strong enough to hold it.

it was fancy and a real gift to the kids.  they weren’t quiet, but they were happy.  maybe they were a little nervous because it was so romantic…their favorite foods were served, italian music in the background (barry white came out later). naomi left for her first middle school dance.  she went alone, missing her dear lydia,  and found friends…oh my, this is all so new to me.  i was called helicopter mom…hovering just a bit, being reminded to land. all is well.

friends that feel like cousins are valentines for sure.

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