there is the pitter patter (or thump-thump-thump-thump) of new feet around here.

there is the blur of new energy around here.

and while the kids would be happy to make this permanent, we are waiting for dixie to find a new home.

she loves to be pet, has a soft, soft coat, is incredible with kids, plays well with sally, is growing in trust of us every day and if you have rabbits, cats or hamsters, you will always know where she is.

(note:  we don’t keep the hamsters on the ground, i just wanted dixie to stay still for a picture)

if you are looking for a sweet girl, she is up for adoption!

4 thoughts on “dixie

  1. I want her! Can i have her? I wish i can.

    She just look like Sally. Is she her offspring?

    And you have hamsters now! Cool! The kids must love them :)

    But personally i don’t think hamsters are good to be around sick children and pregnant women. (it’s just a belief in my culture)


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