all of it.

i can list things i’m grateful for and things i lament…and maybe they are one in the same:

we decided to take eliza to the doctor; no appointment needed at immediate care.
i hadn’t been there before, it’s a nice and tidy system.
we don’t know the nurses or doctor but they were so kind and child friendly.
she kept talking and smiling, had a coughing fit, finished her story (this is how its been for a few days now)
after checking levels and temp (all normal) and ear-checking and lung-listening (not normal),
she is on antibiotics for pneumonia in her left lung (!) and ear infections.
jerry stayed home with micah and eliza.
i found out micah started throwing up while i was gone.
sweet mother.

we have a home.
we had money for tonight.
we have hot water to do laundry.
we can figure out how to take care of the kids tomorrow.

jerry has conferences all evening tomorrow…i’m going to need a break.

3 thoughts on “all of it.

  1. Oh how I wish we were close by to help!!! Praying for the grace, strength, and also mercy you need to offer each other as you move through this time. Feel our arms around you all across the miles….
    All our love,


  2. Oh,no! i was just reading this after i posted something on your wall on FB.
    Is she going to be ok? i am wishing everybody well. I pray that God will give you strength and comfort. Praying that they will get well soon.

    love and prayer for you all


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