kansas, things i love about you…

i’ve lived here longer than anywhere else
my husband was born here, mere miles from my home
there are four seasons
the sky is amazing
storms are strong
i feel safe
there are promises of change
trees change colors
flowers die and grow again
my son can identify what’s growing in fields
people had to work hard to survive here
the wind can take all my thoughts away
hawks watch us drive down the highway
squirrels and rabbits run wild
people know each other
zinnias thrive
the stars aren’t hidden
i’m growing my own family here

happy birthday, kansas.

:: :: :: :: ::

p.s.  no, i am not up at midnight writing a love letter to kansas, i just didn’t want to post it on the 28th….i can’t help it.

7 thoughts on “kansas, things i love about you…

  1. Oh, my. Next time you send me something, can I have a print of that? I also want your family on the porch with Sally. We don’t have a good family picture of you….(and if you want more homework…don’t have one of other friends, so take your camera to the SuperBowl party)

    Thank you so much.


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