walked the sidewalk

i imagine the most significant part of this martin luther king day was going on campus to hear a recording of the speech he gave back in 1960. the kids were impressed by the idea that “he probably walked on the same sidewalk as us” and “maybe he walked past our house” and “he could have touched this tree” and “he could have touched this door”…

i hoped that our little kansas town would provide an audience to hear his speech. i was stunned that the auditorium was packed out. we ended up sitting on stage where folding chairs were being set up at the last minute. to hear his voice, to know he stood blocks from my home years before my birth, to realize the work yet to do. those things are still buzzing around my head.

and lingering around my belly are the dr.king cookies we decorated (and by we, i do mean me and aimee) for the girls to deliver to neighbors.

sweet dreams.

8 thoughts on “walked the sidewalk

  1. love the pictures!
    makes me miss newton and bethel college more.
    and i want some MLK cookies, please. I’m wishing that we were neighbours and the girls gave me some cookies…hiks….

    Oh, Lizy…..you definitely look bigger! your mom was right, you look bigger with those kind of shoes


  2. that is exactly what is moving to me about being in atlanta on mlk day: walking the sidewalks and streets where he was walking and running and playing.

    wow, kristin. those cookies are amazing!


  3. I got the chills (the good kind) and a little weepy when I heard the report on NPR.

    I love how your kids think, too.


  4. “Martin King” as Dr Harding called him, the Rev. Dr King as we know him, stayed overnight in the house now owned by Richard and Erna Rempel, who said they enjoyed having the news crew filming around their place the night before speech released.


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