winter views

this morning brought frozen fog that laced trees and made it look like “we were going off the end of the earth” as we drove to school.  thankfully our travel was easy.

it was stunning.

naomi has taken the camera outside during the last few days.  there are some amazing shots on my computer.

here she is, trying to be pleasant, when really she would like to just play her computer game…without a camera in her face.

oh, nene.

11 thoughts on “winter views

  1. thanks to Naomi for the pictures!
    If you go on Erin’s Facebook page, in her profile info as contact info is link to bumblinbee where she has posted a very small sample of her pictures – do check it out.
    I was talking about the hoarfrost a couple times during the day and realized the word was not known to my children or others here, felt like an Eskimo explaining the 12 different words for frost – this brushy kind right around dew point, vs. the fantastic swirls on windows that is a sign not of thawing but that it’s getting really cold (like harder to breathe as the last bits of moisture freeze out of the air) vs different degrees of ice-hardness and thickness on windshields in the a.m. or on glasses and the dogs’ fur when coming in….


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