city tree

the city (town?) where micah goes to school has a population around 280.  for years the school decorates the city tree.

this tree is about 2 blocks from school in the MIDDLE of an intersection.

kids are invited to bring an ornament or have one provided by the school.  there are cherry pickers and ladders with daddies helping attach them.  they have done this for years so some of the ornaments are quite old.  micah made a capital M with salt clay, but turned it into a W for “Walton.”   i’m not sure how many wet winters it will last.

i am amazed by this little town that seems to struggle in so many ways, but rallies together for things like this.

4 thoughts on “city tree

  1. i love knowing this about the tree. before mike and i moved here we drove through walton when we came for visits and i always wondered about it. it seemed like it needed other tree friends. i’m glad to know it holds such a special position in town. very sweet.


  2. My eyes are working so hard to find Micah’s M/W. Is it on the pictures? I’ve just got to know what it looks like in case I have the chance to identify it for years to come!!


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