twenty ten

i am proud of myself.

i have kept a tradition for three years now.

so often i want to give my children what others give.  since their move, i really feel (and anticipate) the loss of  invitations for back to school parades, cinco de mayo feasts, green leprechaun droppings, valentine muffins, feast of saint nick, dying easter eggs with onion skins, candlelit family birthday suppers with prayers read by the youngest, etc.  thank you, jenny (and aaron and kids).

but this i have done for three years:  new years day waffles.  with whipped cream in a can, warm berries, warm syrup, kids wine, and coffee (thank you, annie).


naomi discovered she could make a creamosa and made micah laugh. that’s all i want…my kids to laugh.

happy new year from us all.

6 thoughts on “twenty ten

  1. i’m proud of you too! it’s hard to keep traditions going. i have great and grand ideas but never seem to follow through. you’re doing so better than i. keep it going! and happy new year 2010


  2. “That’s all I want… my kids to laugh.” Just offering the time and space where laughter of children is even a possibility is a major accomplishment. Aspiring to such achievement is nothing shy of holy. Thanks for all you do — even more, who you are.

    Much love, Dad


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