high school memories

before naomi’s first ever orchestra concert (photos to come), we ate supper in daddy’s classroom.

the kids love coming here.

i can see why.  halls that are empty, baby gerbils, weird gifts from students, computer games…

and oh boy, here was my delight:

getting a photo of the recycling lids that fit on top of the garbage cans.

dad, do you remember this?!?!?!

we made them back in the late 80s when i was in ECLIPSE (everyone can live if people save the earth).  back then they were for “paper only” and had funky colors all over them. i don’t think that club exists anymore, but the lids have been repainted and repurposed!!!  oh joy.

11 thoughts on “high school memories

  1. I got to observe in that classroom….once upon a time.

    Sooooooooo jealous of the orchestra concert. Lydia would so love that, and I feel very guilty for her missing out….hope she can connect with that crowd someday!


  2. This classroom was my dad’s too? Before Jerry… I remember the smell, and the 5 legged kitten and the 2 headed pig… And popping in for some lunch money…


  3. what do the “A”s on the wall mean?? would you please ask Jerry?
    maybe i should add him on my facebook, so we can connect as science teachers hahaha ;)

    nice science lab! aw, the baby gerbil, remind me of my hamsters, i wish them well as they are being taken care by my students during the holidays.

    no wonder that the kids love it.


  4. My dad was a high school choral teacher and I remember roaming the empty halls, playing hide-and-seek in the WHOLE building, having races, you name it! I BEGGED to go with him when he had to go during off hours.


  5. I wish I had a high school science/shop table as my dining room table.

    I love your can lids! What do you think your grandkids will be recycling with them??


  6. Ha! I was in ECLIPSE in high school (mid-late 90s) — thanks for finally telling me what it stood for! (I mean, I knew the objective, but not the actual words. Funny.)


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