cracker box house

my mom makes a real gingerbread house every year.  real.  with candy stained glass windows and a sloping roof.  i knew i wouldn’t try that, but i thought i’d make her royal icing and use graham crackers.

oh my.

i thought i’d be able to build a graham cracker house as high and big as i wanted. no. i lost all three kids to the basement.  i was looking at about 10 graham crackers slathered in icing slowly sliding into a pile.

i got two cracker boxes and “glued” the crackers to the boxes….kind of like elementary school kids do with milk cartons.

called the kids up and we decorated.  oh, the mess.

earlier in the week, each of them chose a kind of candy:

naomi-swedish fish

micah-chocolate rocks

eliza- raspberry gummy things

supper by cracker box house candlelight made it all worth it.  thank you for the inspiration, mom.

9 thoughts on “cracker box house

  1. good for you, for knowing what to try and what not to. i failed at that!!

    i love the chocolate rocks. and i love the idea of the kids picking out a candy, giving them a chance to create ideas preemptively. A practice of envisioning.


  2. it’s great.
    and obviously we arent’ the only people in town wanting to decorate gingerbread houses. :)
    walmart was out of all kinds of candy today.

    thanks for annie’s playdate.
    she went right to bed tonight…sleeping soundly. how nice.


  3. You know what I do? I hot-glue the graham crackers together and then cover the glue seams with icing. The hot glue gun makes the house rock solid in just seconds. Then the fun can start much earlier! We made a tiny village this year (by tiny I mean five buildings) and placed them amidst quilt-batting snow that had multi-colored lights laid under it. With the kitchen light off and the gingerbread village lights plugged in, it looks fairly magical. :)


  4. Oh yes… It IS beautiful! And candlelight makes it all magical. Just so you know ahead of time… This year’s gingerbread “house” here turned out to be a small, squat square…no stained glass windows..forgot the right pattern for a sloping roof, so 2 pieces laying flat on top…sides kind of burned..BUT I’m thinking that it will be the stable!!! Where did you get those great stone chocolates? They would be great for the stable.
    Love you much and see you soon!


  5. Go Micah, the rocks are brilliant!

    I bought a kit that came with gingerbread walls and roof, then bought some extra candy and colored decorator icing. Ada and my mom had a great time putting it together. Almost as much fun as Ada is having taking it apart to eat it.


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